Marrakech, the “Red City”, is truly a magical place, teeming with markets, gardens, palaces and mosques. Rediscover your inner peace in the quiet Majorelle Gardens or admire the beauty of one of the mosques in the city (note that, unless you’re a Muslim, you will not be allowed to enter).


We suggest to book a local hotel in Marrakesh called Riad, a
typical ancient home structure

It can
easily take one day exploring the intimate courtyards and winding alleys of the
historic Medina. There is no better
way to learn about the Medina than walk on the fortified walls: you can walk or
ride along the ramparts. The Medina is the place where you will find
restaurants, French-style bistros and a large part of the premises where you
can choose from a wide selection of typical local dishes and flavours.
is primarily a city to watch. Its superb location, close to the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, remains an indelible
memory for most visitors, and the famous town square,
Djemaa el- Fna square, offers what is perhaps the greatest outdoor show in the world.

Let yourself
attract in a busy world with an antique flavour, where jugglers and storytellers
compete for space with snake charmers, magicians and acrobats. The smells will
guide you to the many rows of food stalls, from which rise the fumes that fill
the air with enticing aromas.
population of Marrakech is known for its hospitality, good humour and honesty.
The food is great and you can choose from a wide choice of dishes: in every
corner of the city are kiosks and restaurants offering the best of traditional
Moroccan cuisine.
as much of Morocco, is populated by Berbers,
descendants of an ancient race that inhabited North Africa since the Neolithic
period. The Berbers throughout their long history have been known as warriors, and
once the worst insult you could ask one of them was: “Your father ha died in
his bed.”
The seasons
most suitable for sightseeing are spring and autumn, when temperatures hover
around an average of 20-25° C. At all other times, you may encounter a freezing
cold or scorching heat. Who is planning a trip in the desert will do better to
avoid in April, because it is the month in which sandstorms occur with greater

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