Jade Mountain Resort is a stunning luxury hotel in St Lucia that opened to the public since late 2006. This place is simply paradise! Check out the pictures of this ultra cool hotel.

It is one of the most perfect places imaginable as a honeymoon resort, and whilst St Lucia can lay claim to be one of the world’s leading destinations, and a top honeymoon destination anyway, there is little doubt that for years to come Jade Mountain Resort will be the place for your St. Lucia Honeymoon.

This is an exclusive resort with a slight difference in that it is a luxury exclusive resort within a luxury resort. What that means is high above the Caribbean Sea yet still within the famed Anse Chastanet Luxury Resort.

Jade Mountain Resort is a really romantic place to be, and as a setting it is without equal in St Lucia, with 24 spectacular suites, starting with the Star, then the Moon, followed by the Sun, according to the floor space and the position, and therefore the price. The Sun has the best views.
Each suite is known as a sanctuary, and they are indeed spectacular with 5metre ceilings, the outside wall missing to expose possibly the most spectacular view imaginable of the Caribbean from any hotel, if not views in the world. The twin Pitons dominate the view, which takes nothing away from the huge infinity pool which appears to be suspended in space. The sanctuaries also have a large living areas using a selection of renewable hardwoods, and all have their own individual characteristics.

As you might expect the bathrooms are pretty spectacular as well, with a rain shower and a chromatherapy two person whirlpool tub with panoramic views.

Quite amazingly for such a 21st century Luxury Hotel, the Jade Mountain Resort is in fact very low-tech, and this is something added that makes it so very suitable for a St Lucia honeymoon. There are no telephones, , radios or televisions, and no children under the age of sixteen, which makes it undoubtedly a real romantic getaway.

Each Sanctuary has a unique bell pull cord to summon a dedicated room service and housekeeping team. Guests at the Jade Mountain Resort have a good choice of dining options. You can eat in your sanctuary off the extensive suite service menu at any time of the day or night.

Then you can eat at the Jade Mountain Club which is at the very top of Jade Mountain. This is an exclusive area for Jade Mountain Resort guests with Dining and bar areas, and a communal infinity pool. You can have a drink or a meal, as it serves breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner, as well as an a la carte menu available all day. Higher up is the Celestial Terrace which is a relaxation area for sunbathing.

Of course Jade Mountain Resort guests can use all the facilities of Anse Chastanet Resort, which means two beaches, pristine coral reefs for snorkelling or scuba diving, watersports, tennis and sunset sailing on the hotel yacht.

You get the best of all worlds at the Jade Mountain Resort, with all the facilities of a luxury resort in Anse Chastanet, whilst maintaining the exclusivity of the perfect romantic hideaway for a top class St Lucia Honeymoon.

For more information, visit Jade Mountain St Lucia website.

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