If you like a little luxury and prefer to fly first or business class then this following video and pictures from Austrian Airlines will be right up your street.

Business Class on Austrian Airlines is considered to be “a heavenly experience” with the business class seats/beds being the icing on the cake – the flight attendants will even tuck you in upon request!

How about fine dining? Well, a flying gourmet chef will be on board to put the finishing touches to your gourmet meal from the house of DO & CO.

Whether you would like to sleep, work or enjoy the wide variety of movies on offer, Austrian Airlines business class will make sure you have a great flight and land relaxed and refreshed.

Sound good? Judge for yourself:

In-Flight Business Class Entertainment

Austrian Business Class has an ambience all to itself that doesn’t end with their gourmet dinning. A wide array of entertainment options are available, a selection of 20 different video channels in multiple lagueges as well as 15 audio stations to choose from.

In addition to the over head TV screens there are personal TV screen approximation 15″ wide accompanied with Dolby Surround sound which can be enjoyed through the noise-cancelling headphones that will provided to you upon seating.

Gourmet Menu

On long haul flights, Austrian Airlines flight attendants will pamper you with a DO & CO three course gourmet meal that’s arranged and refined for you on board the aircraft by the flying chef.

Your meal begins with an appetizer from the kitchen, quickly followed by a choice of soups and starters from the trolley following is a choice from three different main courses. Then onto a range of desserts and cheeses to complete your gourmet dining experience.

Austrian Airlines in-flight sommelier will recommend the right wine to pair your meal to make this a great experience for a passenger with refined pallet and the highest expectation

Seats / Beds

The seats/beds found in business class are approximately 6 foot long and 20 inches wide. You can recline all the way to 172 degrees on a 150 degree lay flat bed. The Seat map for Austrian airlines business class is a spacious 2-2-2 arrangement on board the Boeing 767-300ER with bathrooms at the front of the aircraft.

On night flights in business class, Austrian Airline’s crew will turn down your blanket and pillow with white sheets. Just say the word to a member of staff and they will tuck you in for a good night’s rest.
If you decide to work there is a spacious desk, night light and power outlet for your laptop or any electronic devises you need to power.

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