Despite the disappointing summer holidays of 2009, many UK holidaymakers were eager to stay within our shores in order to save money during the recessionary climate – as well as to take the opportunity to explore more far-flung corners of the country than they perhaps ever had.

But whilst 2009 may have been a year of promoting the UK to itself, from the perspective of those who live in the Eurozone 2010 may see it as a significant attraction due to the Euro’s foreign exchange strength against sterling – and the launch of a new campaign to promote the country’s diverse cities as fine destinations for any travellers of any age.

National tourism agency VisitBritain is at the forefront of the campaign to promote the UK’s cities, in a move that has not only been spurred on by the ongoing financial reasons for those in Europe to travel here, but also as an effort to build upon the increasing popularity of the country’s cities for tourists with an interest in culture.

The popularity of the UK’s cities has grown significantly over the last five years. According to ‘eight out of the top ten most visited destinations in England are cities,’ while Mary Rance of UKinbound stated at that: ‘The inbound tourism industry makes a great contribution to the UK economy,’ and highlighted that the promotion of our most valuable assets in 2010 will be fantastic for the UK economy as a whole.

So which cities are set attract the most visitors in 2010? Currently, are promoting the top English cities (which are London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, Newcastle, York and Liverpool) alongside some smaller hidden gems, such as Bath and Chester, which offer fantastic architecture and an altogether more relaxing experience than the bustling urban centres already mentioned.

 Tower Bridge, London

Bullring Shopping Centre, Birmingham

Yorkminster, York
Historical Bath
Liverpool, Capital of Culture 
Edinburgh Castle

Beyond England, of course, Glasgow and Edinburgh offer quite different but uniquely Scottish city experience – whilst Wales is not only home to Cardiff and Swansea, but also the smallest city on the United Kingdom, St David’s, in Pembrokeshire. After all, what more unique experience could be had than in a coastal city with a population of little ore than 1,500 people?

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