For years, male friends have been embarking on “lads’ holidays,” leaving the stress of work, parents, girlfriends, parents and all responsibility behind them in search of a fun-filled break full of debauchery and other reckless antics. While these are a great way to spend some time with the guys and bond, they can also be very dangerous.
There are frequent stories of parities that get out of control, reckless fights that lead to serious injuries, drinking that leads to alcohol poisoning, risky challenges and dares that result in injuries, and other high-risk activities that lead accidents, injuries and even death. Any brain injury lawyer will tell you that the partying that goes on at these parties, often results in severe medical conditions.

If you’re planning a lad’s holiday for 2013, make sure it’s fun, but most importantly, that you’re safe and that your health and well-being is not at risk.


Of course you’re going to drink. Just try to do so responsibly. It can be tempting to want to re-create epic morning-after stories like those depicted in blockbuster movie “The Hangover,” but heavy drinking, and the activities and consequences that ensue, can turn out much worse in real life.

Know how much liquor you can handle. The last thing you want is to end up getting alcohol poising and having to rush to the hospital to have your stomach pumped – talk about a damper on your holiday.


The beaches of Ibiza, Tenerife, Faliraki, and other hot destinations make for perfect getaways. The sunny weather, sandy beaches, warm waters, sea of scantily clad women and plethora of diversions is what make these destinations so appealing.

Hopefully, you won’t party all night and spend your days hanging out by the pool trying to recover. You should go out there and have fun! Just beware that participating in extreme activities like jet skiing, rafting, driving ATVs and mopeds, can be dangerous if other people are reckless. Every year, there are numerous stories of people having to file head injury claims because they had an accident while ATVing on vacation. The same goes for any crazy dares and challenges. No daring one another to dive off of cliffs into shallow waters or getting into fights. Be sensible.

First Aid Kit

Make sure you bring some pain killers to numb any headaches from the over-the-top partying from the night before. It’s also a good idea pack some pills for indigestion and food poisoning just in case you eat something that doesn’t agree with your stomach. Lastly, for the guys who are single bring some condoms (hopefully the ones who have partners won’t cheat) to prevent any unwanted accidents.
In the end, boys will be boys. And when you’re surrounded by your best mates, it’s hard not to get into some kind of trouble. Just remember that you have loved ones at home who want you to return healthy and unharmed.

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