Your holiday property might offer you the chance to escape from the stresses and strains of your daily routine and to enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation. However, you can’t completely forget the practicalities of life when you’re dealing with your home away from home.

For example, if you’re not careful, your retreat may be targeted by intruders. After all, you might not be using the property for much of the year, leaving it particularly vulnerable to break-ins.

Here are five easy to follow tips that could help you to protect your holiday property.

1) Install effective security systems

First and foremost, it’s a good idea to install security systems in your holiday home. It’s now easier than ever to access effective CCTV and alarm solutions. Firms such as Big Brother Systems offer a selection of products along with the relevant technical support.

Most criminals are opportunistic and are looking for easy targets. If they see that your home is protected by alarms and cameras, they’re much less likely to attempt to break in. Also, if they do, they’re more likely to get caught.

2) Invest in secure window and door locks

Even with CCTV and alarms, your holiday home could be a soft target if you fail to invest in secure window and door locks. If thieves can enter and exit your property with ease, it’s much simpler for them to steal your possessions.

Good quality locks don’t have to cost much money and they represent a great investment.

3) Make it look like someone’s home

For obvious reasons, criminals favour empty properties. This means it’s unwise to advertise the fact that your holiday home is vacant for long periods of time. Giveaways include untended gardens and a build-up of mail.

To help ensure your property looks lived in, it’s a good idea to employ gardeners and cleaners from time to time. You needn’t spend a fortune on this. Simply paying people to give your home and outdoor space a quick tidy up can make a big difference.

You might also benefit from buying timers for your lights. This can give the impression that people are in.

4) Remove valuables

It’s a bad idea to leave too many valuables in your second home. Of course, you won’t want to pack up your TV, microwave and other bulky items every time your holidays come to an end. However, it’s wise to take smaller possessions, such as cameras, laptops and jewellery.

This way, you can make your property less attractive to thieves and you can ensure that, if a break-in does occur, you won’t lose too many expensive goods.

5) Make friends with your neighbours

Another top tip is to make friends with your neighbours. If you’re on good terms with the people living next to you, you can rely on them to keep a lookout over your property.

You can also enjoy greater peace of mind. After all, if a problem does arise, your neighbours will be able to get in touch and put you in the picture.

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