Have you ever pondered studying in Western Australia? Here we look at just a few of the reasons why Western Australia is such a cool place to study. Western Australia is well known for its endless days of sunshine, immaculate blue skies and dazzling white seashores. It has also obtained global appreciation for its record low unemployment rate, booming economy and advanced developments in science and technology.

1. Universally recognised educational training

The universally recognised abilities attained in Perth will pave your route to prosperous job opportunities. Western Australia’s learning practice is recognised throughout the world as one of the greatest. Its five world-renowned colleges and extended quality of institutions, vocational schools and English language universities render quality ensured education with adaptable subject pathways.

The State’s effective approach to education, guided by teachers who are specialists in the field, guarantees that you’re prepared with relevant expertise that will help you attain a job in the ever-changing business world.

2. A life full of excitement and beauty

Perth offers one of the most extraordinary standards of living in the world, and still is more affordable than several other study addresses. Foreign pupils get a 40 percent reduction on all common transportation within Perth’s city centre. The Mediterranean atmosphere, less congested community and moderate transit gridlock have produced flawless blue skies and a pollution-free setting. Perth also relishes a comparatively low crime ratio matched to other principal centres, offering campuses, transport and city streets that are safe and secure.

One of the initial points you’ll see around Perth is its aesthetic multifariousness. Communities of more than 200 diverse populations reside, work and learn in Western Australia, converse in over 170 languages furthermore practice over 100 religions.

Wherever you come from you will always feel welcome and respected. Numerous houses of prayer and ample range of venues provide distinct religious and dietary demands. Several races have established social organisations for regional and foreign members to socialise and unite with one another.

3. Employment opportunities

As you study in Western Australia, you will want to take advantage of all it has to offer. Needless to say as a student, you are always searching for ways to earn extra cash. If you are on a student visa, you will have the possibility to work part-time for up to 20 person-hours a week. That enables you to get some cash so you can actively participate in the community and become an active member of the community in which you live.  It is also a magnificent gateway to enhance your English language skills.

There are plentiful positions possible in the sectors of management, communications, accommodation, housework, retail and tourism. If extra cash is not a concern, why not volunteer at one of Perth’s numerous charitable organisations or community programs.

4. Fun activities

Perth is Western Australia’s artistic centre for arts and amusement, with the municipality and its ambiance offering the ideal conditions for fairs and artistic measures throughout the year. Pay a quick visit to art galleries, or take pleasure in a night of theatre, song, or a movie. The city’s diverse blend is most visible in its cuisine, which gratify all dispositions and discernments.

Students find bistros that dish up an assortment of intercontinental food irresistible. There are also many taverns and nightclubs where you can party, listen to live bands, or watch a football match.

5. Mother nature at her best

Western Australia consists of 12,500 kilometres of immaculate shoreline and enormous varied vistas; there is an adventure for everyone. Swim with friendly undomesticated undomesticated dolphins at Monkey Mia, hike the Bungle Bungle range, go underwater with the whale shark at Ningaloo Reef, surf the tremendous waves at Margaret Waterway, scale the immense Karri forests of the South West. You can even take a stab at unearthing gold in Kalgoorlie.

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