Planning a trip abroad is easier and more convenient than ever before due to the tools available on the Internet and the accessibility of mobile smartphones. With plenty of websites devoted to transportation, hotels, and attractions, the time to map out a vacation abroad is reduced dramatically for a safer and more enjoyable trip.

1. Oyster is increasing in popularity for offering un-biased and authentic photos of hotels on its website, promising the truth on hotel reviews and outing resorts on misleading information. Recommended by Forbes, it’s a resource to ensure you know what to expect during your stay, while also allowing you to book your reservation on the site and compare rates.

One of the most popular features includes “Photo Fakeouts” that shows photos displayed on the hotel’s website next to real photos of the hotel that were taken by

2. TripAdvisor

Rated one of the best travel websites by Kiplinger, provides detailed descriptions of places to stay abroad, including hostels and bed and breakfasts.

They’re honest about how each establishment ranks among reviews, along with offering vacation rentals.

3. Travel and Leisure

This online magazine appropriately glamorises some of the most beautiful locations in the world, offering detailed articles and photos to highlight what can be expected in each city.

It’s a fun and entertaining way to plan a trip abroad, with articles that include, “World’s Coolest Tree-House Hotels” and “Best Foodie Getaways.”

4. Lonely Planet combines both recent news and tips to improve a trip that is in the planning process. Its website is regularly updated and user-friendly, warning travellers of weather reports and even pollution around the world. There’s plenty of information on activities available in certain locations, even highlighting different travellers’ trips.

5. Travel Stack Exchange is a place for travellers to post questions and find quick answers online. Common questions posted include, “Is cycling in Tokyo safe?,” Where can I get a scuba diver’s license in Ecuador?” and Where can I get the required permits for Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu?” Over 4,000 questions are posted on the website, with reputable answers from members who are registered.

By utilising the top travel websites, travellers can now plan trips with ease and better prepare for a memorable and exciting trip abroad. Their trip can be better-researched with more reliability and less risk involved.

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