If it’s your first long trip on an airplane, there’s some important things you need to keep in mind so you will have a stress free flight. Before anything else, you have to pack all your essentials way ahead of time. You also have to prepare the clothes you plan to wear as you board the plane. Remember that it will take several hours to reach your destination. So, while you like to look put-together in the clothes you wear, you also want to feel comfortable in them.

Comfort or Style

It is just natural for a flight, which takes more than 5 hours, to cause discomfort to its passengers. This lets your stay in the same sitting position for a long time. For this reason, you have to think of the best ways to feel relaxed, like wearing comfortable clothes. However, it doesn’t mean that you should look lousy in any way.

Well-travelled individuals are familiar with the strategies on how to travel both in style and in comfort. They know the best clothing to wear during long hour flights, from the basic wardrobe to the great layers. So, they are in the best position to give tips for comfy airplane travel.

5 Clothing Suggestions for Long Flights

1. Compression clothing

This type of clothing is best to wear during flights since they increase circulation to lessen the risk of leg pain, which is a possibility when sitting in the same position for so long. This is also suitable for those who do not want to experience jet lag symptoms since they allow your muscles and joints to stay in the best condition.

2. Stretchable Separates

Stretchable shirts and parts with a small percentage of Lycra are practical to wear when travelling. They allow you to move comfortably. Since they don’t get wrinkled, they still look good even if you sleep in them.

3. Dark coloured clothing

Wearing dark coloured shirts, skirts, and pants are safe to use in case something accidentally spills on you. It will be difficult to change clothes during the flight. Getting your dark clothes soiled won’t be as noticeable as when you are wearing light coloured clothes.

4. Chic flats or Comfy Heels

When flying, you should wear shoes that fit well, which are not tight. The low pressure inside the airplane may cause your feet to swell, and wearing tight shoes will further add to the discomfort.

5. Layering of Clothes

There is a limit to the capacity of luggage and hand-carried items that you can bring, and the allowable weight is even less when you book cheap flights. You can layer some clothes that take up the space inside your luggage.

The temperature inside the airplane can change every now and then. With layering of clothes, you can easily put or take off a shirt or two. However, make sure that you don’t layer too many clothes to the point that they make you feel uncomfortable.


There are certain kinds of clothing that allow you to stay comfy and cool, especially while travelling. These are the shirts made of cotton or other soft materials; pants that are a bit on the loose side or those that come with stretch material like Lycra; and shoes that fit well and are not too high. These are contributory to a comfy airplane travel.

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