For gamblers, the World’s best casinos are a dream. Even for non gamblers, casinos are worth visiting just for the sheer vibe and experience alone, even if you don’t plan to spend any money. In this post we look at 4 of the most incredible casinos around the world which are also very cool hotels.

1 .The Marina Bay Sands casino, Singapore

The Marina Bay Sands’ incredible architecture is a real tribute to Chinese traditions such as Feng Shui.
The architect, M Shafdie, has conceived monumental architectural elements aiming at channelling the energy, which seems to come straight out of the most iconoclastic sci-fi movies.

The infinity edge pool from the Sky Park (pictured below) has become a real internet phenomenon, with pictures of it circulating on social media, causing the cynical to think that Photoshop has been in use…

2. The Venetian Macau, China

The Venetian Macau is another architectural ensemble combining the ambition of modern day skyscraper with the inimitable style of Venice. Imagine that a piece of Venice has been transported just there, within its four walls.
You can move around the Venice style luxury shopping mall in gondola, passing under the bridges of Venice, above a clear water laguna reflecting a blue sky reminiscent of the painting of Canaletto. This is a dream for many tourists that has came true.

3. Casino Grand Lisboa, Macau

The Grand Lisboa is a 47 floor-skyscraper, which opened to the public in 2008.
Its cost also scaled new heights, even for an ambitious skyscraper: $385m. The architects of the project are from the Hong Kong agency DLN architects. The skyscraper was constructed in a lotus leaf shape while the casino, opened in 2006 is in a bulb shape, resembles a giant flower bud.

Image sourced from Flickr

4. Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

The casino is in the same building but this aquarium is well worth a visit. With over 2,000 aquatic animals residing in this 1.6m gallon water attraction and a walk-through underwater tunnel surrounded by over 100 species including sharks, piranhas and sting rays, swimming around, seemingly oblivious to your presence, this casino wouldn’t be out of place in a James Bond movie.

If you are not familiar with casino games, please, ask the staff how the game is played beforehand and consult an internet casino guide such as to get yourself familiar with the rules and have some basic strategy to maximize your chances. Remember to play responsibly during your stay!

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