The World's Top 10 Surfing Destinations

Surfing holidays are one of those experiences that can quickly get addictive. When you’ve had your first taste of the waves, you might find yourself going back for more and more. This list is for those who would like to get that first taste as well as those who are already great surf lovers looking for new, exciting destinations. Just make sure you’re prepared for your surfing holiday.

1) San Sebastian, Spain

This is the perfect destination for beginners to surfing. A good, urban environment with
lots to do.Plenty of the surf schools offer lodging so you can really dive into it. The waves
here are steady and consistent in the Summer. Just be careful going in the Winter as
they can get over fifteen feet tall, then! Before you go, though, consider this guide to
getting your perfect first surfboard.

2) Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii

This place ranks very high on this lists for reason. Oahu is the best place in the US to
surf. The Pipeline is one of the heaviest waves in the world. The sea also hides a sharp
bed of table reef. Still, if you’re well practiced and love a thrill in a gorgeous locale,
Oahu’s for you.

3) Bundoran, Ireland

This coast on the southwestern edge of Donegal offers some of the world’s best and
most consistent swells. It might seem an odd place to find one, but it also offers a great
local surfing culture to get part of. You will definitely have need of wetsuits here,

4) Tofino, British Columbia

Far further north to many of the US’s more famous surfing hot-spots, Tofino might seem
like an odd choice. Yet it’s perfect for those who want a surfing holiday without all the
bleached blonde culture-soaking clich├ęs. The area’s misty and full of gorgeous wildlife
but you’ll want to go in Summer as the Winters can be absolutely freezing.

5) White Beach, Okinawa

Okinawa has a beach-side culture unique to the rest of Japan. The fact that this is one of
the only surfing suitable coasts in the region has something to do with it. There are spots
here for those of all skills and it shows in the beach’s popularity with locals.

6) Bells Beach, Australia

Australia is full of fantastic spots on the east coast but Bells Beach is perhaps the most
famous for those well practised in the sport. We recommend this as the starting point for
a surfing road trip up the Gold Coast. You won’t be disappointed. Just make sure to have
your beach body ready.

7) Bay of Plenty, Durban, South Africa

Another great place for experts. The weather’s mild and the waves are ever present.
There are very few times of the year that the Bay of Plenty isn’t ready for surfing. Just
watch out for rocks, jellyfish and sharks.

8) Tahiti, Polynesia

We’ve listed the whole island here. The simple reason is that it’s not very big and
brimming with excellent surfing points. Matavai, Papenoo, Taapuna, Maraa, just take
your pick while you enjoy this exotic paradise.

9) Playa Negra, Costa Rica

This is for those of you who want a luxury holiday experience along with great surf.
Thankfully, this place isn’t very packed, either, so you won’t be competing for space with
hundreds of others. This is a great family holiday destination with restaurants, shops and
a lovely beach. Not so great for nightlife as the town tends to shut down at nights.

10) Santa Cruz, California

Ever packed, Santa Cruz is perhaps the most popular surfing destination in the world.
But that’s because it’s just that good for catching waves. If you want the whole surfing
experience Santa Cruz is a safe bet each and every year. Here you can get caught up in the culture while exploring waves for all skill levels.