I live in New Zealand, so most of my cycling holidays take place here, because it’s cheap (if I had the money I’d be traveling around the world now) but also because there is so much to see in our fairly small two islands.

I first tried this type of holiday many years ago when I was very unfit and while it was hard on my poor muscles, I still enjoyed the experience.

I think different people have their own reasons why they like these types of trips but for me it allows me to experience whichever country I’m visiting in a way where I can get to know the culture and take in the scenery without being stuck in a coach or car.

Also, they are a great way to travel with friends or family. You can even go on a tour with a company, where you ride along a biking trail with various other cyclists, over a number of days.
So there are a number of choices for all types of budgets; either simply hire some bikes yourself or go the luxury route with a company.

Either way is usually fun, so take your pick. One thing I do know is that a pint (or two) of beer I reward myself after a long ride, just seems to taste better!

Here are two of the cycling areas which I like in New Zealand. I’ll list them per area, as they will have a number of trails which you can choose from while you’re there.

This is one of my favorite cities in New Zealand as it’s known as ‘the place’ to do heart pumping outdoor activities like bungee jumps, skydiving and a huge swing over a canyon. It’s also a great place for cycling in and around because of the outstanding mountain scenery. Queenstown is situated in the bottom half of the south island.

Looking down on Queenstown. Photo source: Simonech
  • For those wanting quite a challenging ride, I recommend riding from Queenstown to Wanaka. The roads are really steep and bendy but you won’t care once you’ve reached the top, as you’ll probably remember the views for the rest of your life.
  • Another great ride is from Queenstown to Glenorchy which offers equally amazing views.

Both these roads can be quite busy at times, so be extra careful while riding your bike.

There are also some great mountain bike trials for cyclists who like that kind of thing. You catch a ride with your bike on the Skyline Gondola up the mountain then you can enjoy various downhill trials to the bottom.

While you’re there, make sure you try the day trip to Milford Sounds which has some of the most amazing fiords I’ve been to. If you visit there after rainfall then you should see a large number of waterfalls.

If you want to learn more about Queenstown then check out their official site.

This place is quite different from Queenstown. While Queenstown is full of mountainous scenery and adventure activities, Coromandel is all about near tropical landscapes, beautiful beaches and chilling out.
It’s situated east of Auckland on the north island. I recommend you get a coach from Auckland to one of the towns nearer Coromandel to start your cycling trip. Which town you choose really does depend on how long you want to ride for, so have a look on an online map to work this out.

Cathedral Cove. Photo source: Trevor_Page

Pick a nice sunny day to make the most out of the ride. You’ll bike mostly along the beautiful coastal roads, passing through various small seaside towns. There are other cycling roads and trials to choose from, including some off road but I think the best choice is to ride around the peninsula.
There are two places you absolutely need to visit in Coromandel.

  1. Cathedral Cove. This is a beach and sea life reserve, with lovely caves and underwater arches. It is only accessible by walking, a boat or with a kayak.
  2. Hot Water Beach. This is another popular beach with hot springs running under it. You dig yourself a mini pool that fills up with this wonderful spring water. It is quite an experience.

The Coromandel is also home to some delicious fish and seafood like scallops. You can check out their official site to learn more.

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