It’s no secret that going on a vacation can add up fairly fast, especially if you have a family of four, five or even six!  I think you get the point.  As more and more people are tightening their budget in this down economy, it doesn’t mean that you still can’t have some fun.

If you’re looking to take a vacation but you’re telling yourself that you can’t afford it, you may want to think again!  With that being said, here are 10 travel saving tips you may not know about:

1. Consider Camping

When you think of camping, you often think of “roughing it.”  You can believe it or not but there are some fantastic campgrounds out there that can offer more than a plot of land to sleep on for the night.

Take for example the Grayton Beach State Park in Florida. With amazing cabins near the ocean, you can enjoy queen-size beds, a porch, a microwave and even air conditioning for less than $100 a night!

2. Buy Discounted Tickets Online

If you do plan on taking a vacation, it’s so important that you plan your trip ahead time.  So if you want to go to Florida, try to write down what you’re going to do each day.  If you plan on going to Disney day one and two, then it’s best to look for tickets ahead of time.  Check for discounted ticket brokers online and check places like eBay.  By being prepared, you can save a lot of money on any admission tickets.

3. Find Discounted Eating

For those who own a smartphone, you don’t want to forget about the amazing apps on your phone such as and  These apps can help you save money in any city you’re in at any given moment.  So let’s say that you’re in Miami for the day.  You may find that a local
Cuban restaurant is offering a $25 gift card for $10.  The great thing about these apps is that you can claim the deal instantly.

4. Buy on the Spot

Some events such as a baseball game can save you a lot of money if you buy on the spot.  Rather than buy online, consider buying from a scalper nearby.  If the game isn’t in demand, you will find that you can save at least 50% off the ticket price.  Just keep in mind that you will have to know where to look before going into the stadium.

5. Combo Deals

If you’re insistent on staying at a hotel, consider asking them about the deals that they are offering. For instance, there was a deal a while back in hotels in Atlanta, Georgia, that offers discounted tickets to the local Coca-Cola museum.  It never hurts to ask over the phone or even browse the
web to see what other people are saying.

6. Daytime Deals

The problem that many travelers make is that they often eat at night when the prices are rather high. Instead of eating at 8 p.m, consider eating around 4 p.m. when the lunch portions are still in effect. This is a great way to save 30% off your bill, and if you get hungry during the night, buy a few treats to snack on for later.

7. Consider a Credit Card

Yes, there are some awesome credit cards that will give you a free hotel night just when you sign up. Let’s take the Marriott credit card ( for example. If you sign up for their card, they won’t only give you a free night or two, they will give you more than 50,000 bonus points after you spend a few dollars.  The great thing about this?  That 50,000 bonus points can equal more than 7 nights!

8. Go for the Off Peak

If you find yourself going to the beaches of Florida in June, there’s a good chance that you’re going to have to pay a premium to stay there. What you’re going to find, though, is that if you go in February, you can save almost 50% off.  Sure while the beaches won’t be 100 degrees and warm, the weather will sure beat the cold wind and snow!

9. Go for the Complimentary

Again, if you’re going to stay in a hotel, make sure that they have some sort of complimentary breakfast or even appetizer.  There are many hotels that not only offer a full breakfast, but appetizers each night.  In fact, some offer fantastic food options such as burgers, chicken and so much

10. Go for Public Transportation

As our last time, try to ditch the rental car and consider going for public transportation.  The train, taxis and subway may be the best route if your destination is going to have it.  If you just plan on staying in the hotel and lounging on the beach, the rental car may not be needed.

This was a guest post by Hannah who helps run

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